Sunday, July 28, 2013

No post card envy...

I figured out what my problem has been the last month or two - I still live with my exwife.  I am moving out Thursday and all of a sudden I'm normal again.  Totally normal.  I have a personality that is not some strange immitation of what I think I typically sound like.  I feel happy.  I smile.  When people ask me how I'm doing - I tell the truth, and I think they even believe me!

So I was planning on moving to a land far far away.  Basically, out of the county and at least twenty minutes away from the former wife, but something happened.  I started feeling really sad about leaving Folsom.  I know I have been through some serious stuff there, but every where I look I am only reminded of my bicycle.  Yes, I think I did stuff with my ex wife, but then I rode my bike through there too...and that's all I remember.  Did I go to dinner at Chicago Fire with her, and it was all awkward because she was cheating on me...probably.  But all I remember is being really hungry from the three and a half hours of bike riding I did immediately before the dinner.  In fact, I was so famished that I really think my blood sugar was too low to even store memories.

Okay, so I ended up moving to the next building over.  It's in a totally different condo development and I have zero intention of giving her the address.  And, will never EVER reveal the secret gate code to her! Well, it ended up being a little bit different than I planned it.  So let's get on with this life stuff.  All that divorce/being married business is over and now I can just focus on my daughter and making new memories in a nutritionally depleted state.

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