Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Eulogy for an Old Friend

My frame cracked Saturday. Not just little baby crack - a look down and watch the rear triangle fishtail crack.  My bike sheparded me through some tough times. It took me out and reminded me to breathe when I shut down my business. It carried me across thirty miles at 5 am through the rain, heat and snow when I could not afford car to get to work. It kept me grounded when I was entrenched in post-partum depression. It followed me to California and made sure I never forgot the person I was inside. It also carried me through many more tough times. It was with me when I went to Nevada City on a 125 mile whim and lost five miles from home.

It's last moments were glorious as we pretended to attack three times before casually sprinting to the town limit sign against a much faster rider.  It will be missed as will I sit inside at spin class and devise a plan to find a replacement.

Thank you for the many Saturday mornings we chased through the heat and rain. You will not be easily replaced...

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