Friday, October 11, 2013

Burning at both ends...

Being a single parent is hard.  Being a student and a single parent is almost impossible.  I have quickly realized why young parents are statistically inclined towards poverty.  It is so hard just to get to campus--and doing homework, keeping up with my 1,000 pages a week and papers is almost impossible.  Aida was sick.  Ashley had her...but I still have to be her parent.  As the semester gets harder and deeper I'm watching my custody sky rocket well above 50/50 while my workload grows.  Last semester, I would have never imagined doing school work all night, all day, all weekend--but here I am trying to finish 100 pages before work of the most depressing and boring book ever writen. Apparently graduation really means you can edure some unique tortures in addition to jumping through bureaucratic hoops.

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