Friday, August 16, 2013

What am I running from?

So I was offered an interesting question in response to my love affair with my bicycle: "what are you running from?"  Well the truth is-I am running from a lot.  Most importantly I am running from myself.  I am running from all the demons in my ear.  I am running from the little voice inside me that doubts I can do it.  I am running from my seething anger - and rage - resulting from my slightly predictable but not so fun divorce.  I am running from the bottle.  I am running from the ice cream.  I am running from work stress.  I am running from my love life or lack there of.  I am running from my doubtful self.  I am literally running from a little bottle of pills that turns off my personality but would probably prove to be quite nice right now.  I turn the cranks to my bike and all the noise shuts off.  I point the wheels and forget about all of it for as long as I can and enjoy the ride.

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